Terms & Conditions

All Invoices carry our companies terms and conditions. 

In addition to our invoice T's & C's; Longmere Consultants with indemnify each single instructions received for a maximum of £50,000.00p [Sterling]. If this is not acceptable, you must make prior arrangements at the time of initial instructions.

All agent and subcontractors who accept instructions from Longmere Consultants, must retain their own professional imdenity and liability insurance.

No responsibility will be accepted for any faults or defects becoming apparent subsequently to the service date. Under no circumstances will Longmere Consultants be liable to any third party in contract, tort [Including negligence] or otherwise for any loss [indirect, direct or consequential] which any third party may incur as a result of any information supplied by Longmere Consultants.

Any agent or subcontractor who accepts instructions from Longmere Consultants without the appropriate insurance accept personal liability for their actions or short fall within the service they provide.

All invoices must be paid within 28 days of date of generation; unless a written agreement has been put in place between Longmere and the instructing client giving an extension to this time period.

All UK standard trace enquiries are provided on a No trace, No fee, unless it is agreed at the time of instruction that the enquiry will be deemed as a resurch enquiry, progressing to a trace enquiry. 

If surveillance is cancelled within 48 hrs on the start time then refund is at the companies desertion.

Longmere will enforce statuary late payment interest and compensation fees if clients fail to pay within the agreed period.

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