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As a member of the public, serving legal documents can feel like you have stepped into a minefield. Knowing how to have a legal document served within the correct time frame, in the correct manner and then producing the correct proof of service can become too much for some people.

Instructing a professional process server is a must. That's why Law firms and Insurance companies use Longmere Consultants - we are experts at serving legal documents.

We not only serve across the UK but internationally too.

Our service is far superior to that of a court bailiff, in that our statements of service can be used to allow a case to go forward, where as a negative statement from a court bailiff simply brings a case to a halt.

Longmere provide independent corroboration of service. Some people have a misconception that if they evade service the case will collapse and simply go away. Longmere Consultants have a full working knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules, ensuring we can assist you to move your case successfully onto completion. 

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