Pre Sue Reports

If you aim to raise a claim, a pre Sue report is a must.

Raising a claim is quite straight forward, getting paid can be another matter.

A pre Sue report from Longmere Consultants will give you a no jargon, clear and transparent understanding of a person[s] or company's financial status. 

Our reports will give you an independent understanding as to whether it's viable to raise a claim as, well as an opinion as to the percentage chance of recovery.

Furthermore our reports can be used at a later stage, in that if you have obtained judgment and the debtor states they don't have the capability to pay. Our report can be produced to the court to show the funds or assets that the Judgment debtor did have at the time of the report and before they knew you were raising a claim against them. These assets can be asked to be brought back into the claim as it is believed the debtor attempted to move their assets out of reach of enforcement. 

A pre Sue report from Longmere will give you an understanding of a person[s] or companies tangible (i.e Properties) and liquid assets (Place of work and bracketed salary). The company or personal debtor history - County Court Judgements, when possible whom they bank with.

With this information, it will also guild you as to the best way of raising a claim, whether a personal claim, third party or freezing and account. Also see our debt recovery page too.

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