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Do you have a landline or mobile telephone number and need to verify the name and address behind that number? 

Do you need to obtain a landline or mobile telephone number for a person or property?

Longmere Consultants are professional Enquiry Agents who have access to over 120 million consented phone records. 

These records include none registered mobile and landline numbers.

How does all this work? 

It's quite easy; as professional enquiry agent, we will carry out the enquiries to verify the requested details at a cost of £30. If the result is negative, we will refund £10 of the fee.

We aim to have the results with you that same day or by the next working day if your enquiry is submitted over a weekend / holiday period.

You can either submit your enquiry on line (below) and pay by paypal or contact our office on 01289 382006 and discuss your enquiry with our staff and pay by card over the phone.

All enquiries are confidential


If you would like us to trace a telephone number or provide a telephone number for a residential address please complete the following form and make payment.

Fee: £30.00 [Payable via PayPal]

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