Deleted text message recovery, Data recovery

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Recover deleted text messages

Most people believe that once the delete button on a mobile telephone has been pressed, that a text message has gone forever – this is not always the case.

What we are able to recover: - Deleted texts, deleted photographs, deleted call logs, deleted chat, deleted files, deleted phone books and more.... 

We provide a bespoke forensic service beyond the capability of most companies.

We are able to recover deleted data from all mobile phones including Blackberry's {Including the Z & Q series],  HTC and iPhones. 

Our forensic expert service is able to recover WhatsApp data and Facebook chat too.

Recovering deleted text messages from iPhones? iPhones are the most popular phone to be sent to us; we provide excellent results. 

We do not sub contract our work out {like others}, we have our own Forensic Expert, whose evidence can be submitted in court if so required.

Our service is provided to the general public, defence solicitors, employment tribunals, criminal cases and corporate clients.  

We are one of a handful of companies that are able to provide the high tech chip removal interrogation service which is used on older phones.

 To discuss your enquiry, please telephone our office on 01289 382 006 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

All enquiry are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Our service is confidential and professional.

 How do I proceed with this service:-

{1} Download this form  Download Data Recovery Form (PDF)

{2} The phone needs to be sent to our office by registered / recorded delivery

{3} On receipt of the phone we give you a courtesy call to confirm receipt – payment can be made by credit / debit card. 

Frequently asked questions - FAQ's

How do i receive the results? The data is returned by e-mail or disc.

What format is the information sent back in? We provide our results in a word and spread sheet format making it easy for you to navigate and find the results.

 Deleted Text Recovery Testimonials

Longmere Consultants were contacted by a lady who'd had text messages deleted from her phone to prevent her using the evidence stored on it.

We recovered over 18,000 deleted texts from an iPhone !!! 

Another client contacted Longmere Consultants stating they had been harassed at work, in that they had received and deleted obscene text messages and required the information back as evidence in an employment tribunal.

We recovered the evidence and the harasser was dismissed!

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