Pre Sue Enquiries

A Pre Sue report can be used for a number of purposes.

It will not only give you an understanding of a person(s) or Companies assets but the confidence to proceed with Litigation.    

If the assets are not there why through good money after bad?

A pre Sue Report can also be used at a later stage, in that if Judgment is obtained and the debtor states they now have no assets, the our report can be produced to the court showing the tangible and liquid assets that the debtor had before they became aware of the claim and prove they have laundered their assets. Our report will give you the evidence required to request the court to have the laundered assets brought back into the claim.

A Pre Sue Report from Longmere can be bespoke tailored to your specific needs; but in the main will include a person(s) or companies tangible assets (Properties) and liquid assets (In-come / accounts). Their County Court, Judgment history. If they are a Company Director, their trading history and much more, giving you a full transparent understanding of the subject of enquiry.

Longmere Consultants are experts in Pre Sue reports and the preferred supplier to a number of major Insurance companies and law firms. If your client has the benefit of Legal Expenses Insurance cover; we are able to give a percentage opinion (51% either-way) as to the likelihood of recovering a Judgment debt.

Our reports are full transparent and ethical.

Where it is suspected that a company may have been set up to launder funds, Longmere specialise in international off shore Company reports.

We are also able to give a report on Non Limited companies too.   

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